Pedro Cabrita Reis meets Sabrina van der Ley in Berlin/Prenzlauer Berg

The great master doing great things in little spaces

Last autumn Pedro Cabrita Reis (*1956, Lisbon) – a leading Portuguese artist – opened one of his most comprehensive solo-shows to date at theHamburger Galerie der Gegenwart. Sabrina van der Ley chose him as her first artist as new curator of the Galerie der Gegenwart and worked out an impressive show including all of his media – sculptures, paintings, photographs, drawings and site specific room filling installations. The show went on tour and opens at theMusée Carré d’Artin Nimes on 9th of November.

This autumn Cabrita Reis came back to Germany to exhibit at an artist-run gallery space in Berlin, called Invaliden1. It made us curious what intentions Cabrita Reis has to show in a upcoming gallery. So we arranged a meeting in Berlin with Pedro Cabrita and Sabrina. As location we chose a winter garten in Prenzlauer Berg – a dreamful spot – with exotic fish, floating water and ornamental wooden furniture – that functions as an oasis in the city.

Pedro Cabrita Reis tells us about his mission as an artist, of the challenges that he gives to himself and his tasks for the new generation.

Cabrita Reis © 2010 Astrid Piethan

The show at Invaliden1 is one of his challenges. With his strategy of “minus interference” he recreates the given to an abstract and aesthetic exhibition space – an ox-blood-red room with a mirror functioning as a window. Tube lights hanging down from the ceiling, becoming central elements in the space – it all gives the visitor the feeling to be in an installation that is still in a state of construction but on the other hand so perfect in its unfinished character. The great master doing great things in little spaces.

Ilka Tödt

Many thanks to Sabrina van der Ley for the interview and to gallery Invaliden1 for all the support!

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